Kurdish rebels, 1 Turkish soldier killed in clashes

Turkish army tanks drive towards to the border in Karkamis on the Turkish Syrian border in the southeastern Gaziantep province Turkey

“I am not against the Kurds, they are good guys, they give us cigarettes”, said Adil, adding Kurdish fighters had come within a few kilometers south of the town. Muslim, whose party administers northern Syria’s Kurdish-controlled regions.

They have taken pride in their status as the United States’ most faithful proxy in the fight against the militant group, and they have hoped their effectiveness as warriors would lead to USA support for Kurdish political gains inside Syria.

Turkey launched the cross-border operation last week, saying it had a dual aim of driving away jihadists and ensuring Kurdish forces did not fill the void that was left by extending their control of territory along Turkey’s border.

Operations by the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) have significantly contributed to the ongoing efforts of the USA -backed worldwide coalition against the Daesh terror group.

Turkish forces and allied factions of the rebel Free Syrian Army (FSA) forced IS out of the Syrian border city of Jarablus a week ago and have since pounded neighbouring villages held by Kurdish-led, US-backed Syria Democratic Forces (SDF).

Last week, Turkey sent troops across the border to help Syrian rebels capture the town of Jarablus. The YPG’s estimated 30,000 fighters make up the bulk of that coalition.

The Turkish government’s alibi was the alleged special mission of banishing ISIS from the border city, even though all clues revealed that the military invasion was actually meant to eliminate Syrian Kurds.

US Defense Secretary Ash Carter also called on Turkey to “stay focused on the fight against IS and not to engage the SDF”.

Hajo’s comments came after a United States defence official told AFP in Washington that Turkish and Kurdish forces in northern Syria had reached a “loose agreement” to stop fighting each other.

While declaring Thursday that the YPG had complied with the withdrawal requests from Ankara and Washington, Mr.

Foreign interventions – particularly in conflicts as complicated as Syria – are rarely easy and confined to defined parameters.

As well as United Kingdom volunteers there are also several dozen British special forces assisting the YPG on the ground that could be at risk from rogue Turkish fire.

“Right now, people say they have gone to the east but we say no, they haven’t crossed”, he said during a speech in Ankara.

During his visit to Brussels, Mr.

There were no immediate reports of clashes Wednesday between Turkish forces and the USA -supported Kurdish YPG (People’s Protection Units), the Associated Press reported, but Turkish jets carried out airstrikes near Jarablus and Turkish artillery fired on targets west of Jarablus.

“They want to “take it back” from us”.

According to Haaretz, one of the relatives said that after fleeing Syria in the wake of worsening fighting and IS losses, the family were arrested after crossing back into Turkey.

Turkey views the Syrian Kurdish fighters as an offshoot of the Kurdistan Workers Party, or PKK, which has waged a decades-long insurgency in Turkey and is viewed as a terrorist group by Turkey and the U.S.

While the YPG is allied with the U.S. against IS, the PKK is proscribed as a terrorist organisation by Turkey, the European Union and the Washington. The government in Ankara fears these groups will set up an autonomous Kurdish zone on its border, emboldening separatists within Turkey.

The problem for Turkey is that the Manbij Civilian Council, which took over after Manbij’s liberation from Daesh, is an SDF ally and is therefore opposed to the Turkish invasion. With Turkey’s unexpected intervention, the global anti-terrorist coalition members may finally have a professional ally against the radical Islamist organizations. He says Erdogan will hold discussions on the issue during the G-20 summit in China.