Karyn Kusama to direct horror movie Breed

Image via Drafthouse

Karyn Kusama, who directed the 2o16 Logan Marshall-Green cult horror thriller “The Invitation”, has signed on to direct the upcoming Fox horror film “Breed”, and she’s bringing her team with her.

Writer-director Scott Frank is also attached to Breed in a producing capacity, as the intriguing horror pic marks the first to release under his partnership with 20th Century Fox. “Breed” follows a wealthy NY couple who turns to a controversial Eastern European fertility clinic to conceive when all conventional methods fail. The film is intense and mysterious and totally engaging, but above all, it’s a movie that feels particularly well-crafted from the ground up, which is why any news about its director, Karyn Kusama, comes with a bit more anticipation than normal. Frank will also serve as a producer on the project.

Breed will be Frank’s initial project under his 20th Century Fox production deal, paving the way for a focused slate of intelligent, adult genre films in the middle budget range of $20-$30 million.

“Breed” is centered on a couple living in NY who travel to Slovenia to have a procedure that will help them have children, after unsuccessful infertility treatment. A decade later, side effects begin to take hold of the couple and their twins.

Hay and Manfredi are both repped by UTA, while Kusama – who broke out with 2000’s Girlfight – is at ICM. What’s missing is a child, and as they try one infertility treatment after another desire becomes obsession.

If we think back to Jason Blum, he helped foster a new era of inventive horror, but now more studios want in on the game because – as we’ve seen with stuff like Insidious, The Purge, and Sinister – horror movies made on minimal budgets can make top dollar at the box office if they’re done well. Desperate for answers, the twins set out on a quest to uncover the truth about the man and woman who raised them.