Kanye West Breakdown Thought to be Worse than Reported

kanye west

Celebrity mental health problems are nothing new, with numerous high-profile names openly admitting they suffer from bipolar, OCD or anxiety disorders. Until three days ago, Kanye West was not one of them, but on Monday, he was admitted to UCLA Medical Center for treatment after suffering from a reported breakdown. Today, reports are circulating that Kanye’s condition is worse than previously thought.

Erratic Behavior

Initial news suggested that Kanye had been admitted for his own safety, following increasingly erratic behavior whilst he was at his trainer’s house. Just the previous day, Kanye had cancelled the remainder of his Life of Saint Pablo Tour, following reports he had been suffering from sleep deprivation and overwhelming stress. Audio released online described the incident as a psychiatric emergency and it was claimed that Kanye had to be handcuffed for his own safety, as he was transported to hospital following a psychiatric evaluation.

Deeper Health Problems than First Believed

Although there has been no suggestion that the rapper’s admission to hospital was anything other than voluntary, new rumors circulating on news sites online suggest Kanye’s mental health may be worse than originally thought. TMZ is claiming that Kanye’s health problems go much deeper, so it is possible that the rapper won’t be coming home for a while.

In the meantime, Kim reportedly visited her husband in hospital on Thanksgiving morning, no doubt to provide some much-needed moral support while he recovers from this distressing episode. Kim is trying to keep things normal for her family, and will spend some of the holidays at home with her kids and the rest of the Kardashians.

Breakdown Caused by Working All Hours

It is thought that Kanye’s mental health issues have been caused by his workaholic tendencies. It’s no secret that Kanye has been exhausted in recent months. Playing concerts every night, working on his fashion label, and producing designs for the Adidas line has all proven to be too much. He has had sleep issues, with some sources claiming he regularly worked for 48-hours at a stretch. Kanye also had to deal with the stress of Kim’s robbery in Paris, which was no doubt very upsetting for everyone.

The Link between Stress and Mental Health

Kanye is no different to the rest of us – sooner or later, stress catches up with us and we fall apart. It is estimated that half of all Americans have interacted with a mental health specialist at one time or another, so Kanye is not alone. Indeed, his own brother-in-law, Rob Kardashian, has fought a well-publicized battle with anxiety and depression over the last few years, spending many months living as a virtual recluse.

At some point, we all need help from a marriage counselor or counseling online. There should be no stigma attached to mental health problems – depression, anxiety and other mental health disorders can affect anyone, anywhere, no matter how rich or poor you are.

If you are suffering from stress, anxiety, depression or any other mental health problem, don’t suffer in silence. Help is out there.