Kaepernick ‘most disliked player’ in NFL, but makes Time cover

Pendarvis HarshawA muralist with the acronym FLC created a Colin Kaepernick mural at 22nd Street and Telegraph Avenue in Oakland

“I think it’s a problem – anybody who disrespects this country and the flag”, the Super Bowl-winning coach and player told 105.3 The Fan in Dallas.

Just last week, all 155 high school and middle school students in the Oakland Unified School District’s honor band knelt as they played the national anthem before the A’s baseball game.

“You are important, you make a difference, this matters”. That’s what I think.

In case you weren’t convinced of Ditka’s bitterness, he added: “I see opportunities if people want to look for opportunity”.

“I think most people agree on the message”.

“Not that I would have won, but I probably would have and he wouldn’t be in the White House”, Ditka said.

The poll asked about more than 350 players, and revealed that Kaepernick was “disliked a lot” by 29% of those polled, more than any other player. They are watching a new generation of citizen, and citizen-athlete, specifically black athletes, who are becoming more and more willing to speak out about issues. “But my dad also knew when he got finished fighting and came back, he wasn’t going to be able to ride in the front of the buses, he wasn’t going to be able to teach at certain schools because he was a black man”. Does this mean that they’ll stop building the bridge so that certain players can kneel during the National Anthem?

I caught up with TU junior Brock Slater, who is actively involved in ROTC training and is planning a military career, who stated, “I 100% support his decision to sit during the national anthem since it is his first amendment right to do so”. Friday night, Kaepernick was in solidarity with them.

“No matter what side of the spectrum you are on, I would hope that every American is disgusted with what is going on around the country, with what happened in Tulsa two days ago, Terence Crutcher”, Kerr said.

But a month after Kaepernick’s dissent captured the nation’s attention, we are yet to see a white National Football League player make a similar gesture as “The Star Spangled Banner” plays.

Benjamin Arnold (h/t Matt Maiocco of CSN Bay Area) posted some YouTube videos of Kaepernick speaking with members of the team.