‘I’ve done something reprehensible’

Joel Magid, who is known on the Portland music scene, wrote a public post on Facebook admitting to sexual assault. Picture: Facebook/Joel Magid

MUSICIAN Joel Magid has admitted to “sexually assaulted someone” in a bizarre Facebook post that has shocked fans.

The indie rocker from Portland, US, wrote in detail about the incident on the social networking site on Saturday.

He confessed: “I’ve done something reprehensible that I need to own up to.

“I realise Facebook may be not the ideal forum, but I am trying to inform as many people as possible.

“I recently sexually assaulted someone.”

Recalling the night, he continued: “In this encounter, I pulled out my penis, and forcibly lifted the woman’s skirt.

“A friend intervened and stopped my behaviour.”

He claimed he was “blacked out drunk” at the time adding: “That doesn’t excuse what I did. Nothing excuses what I did. Sexual assault is horrific, disgusting, and inexcusable.”

Magid went on to say he was “not looking for sympathy” and took the opportunity to publicly apologise to the woman and the friend who intervened.

“I am just being honest and accountable for my behaviour. I’m headed to my first AA meeting tomorrow as well as seeing a therapist about all this.

“I recognise this hurts many people I know and I will lose friends because of my actions and I accept that and all the other consequences that will come from this.

“None of this rights my wrong, and nothing ever will. I can’t change that but I can change myself.”

Musician Joel Magid claims he “sexually assaulted someone”. Picture: Facebook/Joel Magid

Musician Joel Magid claims he “sexually assaulted someone”. Picture: Facebook/Joel MagidSource:Facebook

While some fans commended him for his admission labelling it “brave”, many were quick to express their disgust at the incident.

Some even accused the musician of further sexually assaults.

Theo Craig, a music director at Portland’s XRAY FM radio station, wrote: “Joel, this is reprehensible and inexcusable. You need to admit that this wasn’t the first time.

“You need to admit that you’ve dragged at least one past victim’s name and reputation through the mud, that you pitted a lot of people against a friend who was doing her best to stand up for a friend and protect others in our community from you.”

Magid denied any other incidents have occurred adding he “cannot and will not accept responsibility for things I haven’t done”.

Portland Police say they are “aware of the post” and that “no victim has come forward to file a report”.

No charges have been made against Magid.