In next 10 years, Pakistan would become third most nuclear-powered country


A recent report clears that Pakistan would become the third largest nuclear weapons holding the country in the next 10 years if they continue the speed of production what they are now.

The report also clears that Pakistan currently has around 130-140 atomic weapons. The country is also modifying their several fighter jets including F-16s to handle nuclear weapons.

The study has been completed by scientists Hans M Kristensen and Robert S Norris, which shows the current Pakistan’s power and also suggest what the country could be in next 10 years.

In 1999, The US Defense Intelligence Agency guessed that by 2020, Pakistan would develop around 60-70 nuclear weapons but what current report says, is completely opposite of the estimation.

Scientists have also said that in next 10 years, Pakistan will have a total of 250 nuclear weapons, which seeing the current situation will make them the third powerful country in terms of nuclear power.

Apart from this reports, few sources have also suggested that Pakistan is busy in modifying the Chinese fighter jet, JF-17 to make it nuclear weapon friendly.

The news of Pakistan Nuclear Power got circulated on social media, on which several people have kept their views.

One social media user said, “the country which still has several basic problems like food, clean water etc on large scale, but leaving all these issues, the government is only concentrating on Nuclear Weapons”.