I refuse to say I’m disappointed with AHS: Roanoke’s big twist

“American Horror Story” might have just revealed the ~big twist~ and we need to talk about it

According to Cinema Blend, in “American Horror Story: Murder House” the realtor, Marcy (Christine Estabrook), who sold the haunted house to the Harmon family is the same realtor who sold the Hotel Cortez to Will Drake (Cheyenne Jackson). If you’ll recall (spoiler alert) the documentary on alleged murderer Robert Durst ended a pretty straightforward true crime study by capturing an on-camera admittance (following a gross devil’s burp) that Durst had indeed committed some murders. There’s a lot to cover, so let’s dive in. Yes, if you ever thought Matt and Shelby staying in the house was dumb, get ready to comprehend their inexplicable decision to RETURN to it. Except that she’s not technically a part of the production. Episode 6 revealed Paulson’s real character to be a British actress named Audrey and Peters to be something of a dude bro named Rory. We got to see his picturesque wedding to Audrey, and he had just been offered a casting in Hollywood – everything seemed to be going well for Rory.

But Rory wasn’t the only ghost reenactor that made an appearance again. Psychiatrists swear it’s schizoaffective disorder. So he slapped her with a restraining order from the set. But before filming on the reality show even begins a crew member dies in a horrific chainsaw accident, prompting a producer to abandon the show as well. And while the drama is sure to play out in the coming episodes – Lee’s innocence and the beef between Matt and Dominic (Cuba Gooding, Jr.) are definite stand outs – we can’t help but wonder if this twist was the best move for the show. Worst of all, Kathy Bates and her crew showed up here, too. After seeing Pricilla in the road and uttering the smartest line of the night: “I have no intention of finding out who that is”.

Apparently, My Roanoke Nightmare was such a smashing success that it is now up to Sydney to pitch his next great, record-breaking television sensation. Fake Lee (Angela Bassett) became an alcoholic while portraying real Lee’s (Adina Porter) alcoholism. During the setup process for the series, we’re introduced to the “real” actors and actresses from My Roanoke Nightmare, and it’s such an interesting concept for the show. It’s even revealed that there is an online petition for Lee to be charged with the murder, although Lee continues to maintain her innocence. Shelby doesn’t exactly try to hide that she’s seething with jealousy.

What did you think about this week’s episode of American Horror Story: Roanoke?

Roanoke finally revealed its big, midseason twist, and as promised, it changed everything.

Next, we meet two of the house’s more murderous former tenants: a pair of nurses who turned the house into a convalescent home and killed five of their patients. And we know that they survived since they all have taped interviews from after the incident.

Before anything can really be done about whether Agnes was really there or not, the Pig Man makes an appearance, scaring Audrey. When she told Rory about it, he went upstairs to check it out.

As Matt was examining the famous “MURDE” wall downstairs, he realized that the word was finally complete. One of these is a Chinese girl who kidnaps Flora and takes her away.