Huge protest marked in whole world against next president Donald Trump


It’s merely 24 hours when Donald Trump emerged as the next president of united states.

But it doesn’t seem that majority of people across the US as well as the world like this.

It has been reported that the thousands of people have gathered on roads of united states with banners that read “Not My President” to show their protest against the newly elected president.

A majority of the population still don’t like this ‘result’ and hence they are protesting against this.

Hillary and Obama urged people of US to maintain peace and harmony and also requested them to give a chance to the newly elected president Trump.

However, even after their appeal, people gathered on roads to show the protest and it seems that people are not in the mood to accept him as their new president.

In New York, thousands of protestors marched at Trump Tower and shouted slogans against the policies of Trump on several issues such as Gay Rights.

As per as current news, 15 people have been arrested.

On the other hand, people are making fun of Trump’s wife and family on social media.

Twitter user, Tariq Nasheed, whose twitter handle is @tariqnasheed, posted a hot photo of Trump’s wife in short dress and written “Ladies and Gentlemen, this is out new first lady of United States. Stay Classy America.”

While another user, William, whose twitter handle is @DalrympleWill, has written sarcastically, “The White House rolls out the red carpet for the new first lady”.