House Speaker Paul Ryan to Rebuke Hillary Clinton’s Vision

Ryan's break from Trump prompts talk of GOP rebellion

But you didn’t hear any talk of the Wall Street meltdown that threw the economy off track or the reckless deregulation pursued by both Democrats and Republicans in the 1990s that set the stage for the financial meltdown.

But Deroy, if you care about the Republican Party and minimizing the damage that a Clinton presidency would cause, how would you expect Ryan to give his Republican caucus permission to distance themselves from Trump to save their own electoral skins – and to save a GOP majority – without actually telling them so?

[T] he most encouraging precedent for Trump is probably 1968.

It is increasingly unlikely.

“This election may be different because Trump is not a typical candidate”, O’Donnell said.

“I felt that I had to say something again to simply point out to the women of America, and to the men of America”, Romney said in a podcast interview with Ashcroft in America posted on Friday, “that we’re better than that and that this does not represent the quality or character of our country”.

“There will be more evidence coming out” to prove Trump’s innocence, Pence said.

Where were those leading Republicans when Trump – who has never served in the military – belittled the Khans, the American Muslim parents whose son died in Iraq while trying to rescue fallen USA soldiers and was given a posthumous Gold Star for his act of heroism? The rules provide for the RNC to fill a vacancy. But they don’t seem to like Trump: in May, Gallup found that just 33 per cent of Mormons had a favourable view of him. The RNC would also have to agree on an alternative, which looks hard in a divisive environment. But the party apparatus was fundamentally unprepared to cope with Trump – or his appeal to a constituency that had, with the chairman’s apparent blessing, been served so much red meat for so long that it could hardly be faulted for demanding an even bloodier cut.

This is how you can so casually classify whole groups of people as a ‘basket of deplorables, ‘ as Hillary Clinton did.

House Speaker Paul Ryan, who has supported Trump in the past, said this week he would not campaign for or defend him, and would instead focus on drumming up support for down-ticket Republicans. “So they’re not going to do it”.

In contrast to Trump, Ryan has consistently tried to reach out to young voters throughout the election cycle. It’s called “faithless electors”. Trump won the nomination fair and square, with more than 13 million primary votes. But he had no problem going after Hillary Clinton’s policies. Technically it could happen, but it won’t, say experts. He needs to step forward and unequivocally abandon his pretend support for Trump. And he’ll only appear on the ballot in 11 states. DEFINING MOMENT For Republicans weighing a run for president in four years, deciding whether to back Trump may be a defining moment equal to what politicians faced in 2002 when they decided whether to back Republican President George Bush’s Iraq invasion.

The Republican party’s leading voice in the House never mentioned Trump’s name. Backed by big special interests and right-wing media, they became a force to reckon with and in 2010, with the economy still mired in recession and people still feeling desperate, they helped the Republicans win back a congressional majority, along the way unseating some long-term Republican incumbents like Sen. Right now, the betting is very high that Trump loses.

“I don’t think there’s a pollster alive who can predict that”. Republican leaders are eyeing the battles downstream.

The signs are not great for Republicans (at least those who want to see Trump win). He has already made an issue out of being vastly outspent by Clinton. Humphrey was also likely aided by a major October surprise – the halting of bombing in Vietnam by Democratic President Lyndon B. Johnson. “It has shaken me to my core in a way that I couldn’t have predicted”, Mrs. Obama said. To be sure, a Trump loss is no guarantee the Republicans would suffer for long.

They were hypocrites to support him in the first place.