House GOP rallies for money as Trump slips

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“It’s absolutely unprecedented for any presidential candidate in the history of the country”. Democrats have a big advantage in that they are only defending 10 senate seats, while Republicans are defending 24 seats, the product of the many GOP senators elected in the 2010 sweep who are now seeking another term.

Bill Kristol wonders if the stain of nominating Donald Trump will destroy the GOP as a national party.

The real action is in the races for the United States senate.

The increasingly lopsided race for president in NY may affect downballot races, which is important in the state Senate, where Republicans are attempting to maintain majority control against the growing number of Democrats. Because with 17 days still to go to the election, he already sounds like a loser. Right now Republicans have a 54-46 majority.

That could make this year a make-or-break year for the state GOP. She has maintained stable leads in states such as Pennsylvania, Virginia and Colorado, as well as a narrow edge in Florida and North Carolina. He says the House will lose about 25 seats on the Republican side, and the Democrats will take the Senate.

“I hope you noticed the number of things we agreed on tonight rather than the number of things we disagree on”, Peterson said.

If recent polling is accurate, House Democrats are likely to gain seats in this year’s election cycle.

All 213 seats in the state legislature will be on the ballot, as well as all 27 congressional seats. However, calling into question the result of arguably the most important leadership election on the planet would not bode well for the future USA economic outlook. In its place would be a party or a movement that speaks more directly to the disaffected in America while still not sounding too insane to those millions of people who may be less angry but still want change.

“When we were not in the majority, we saw what happened – basically upstate was swallowed by New York City”.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is increasingly preparing for the possibility that Donald Trump may never concede the presidential election should she win, a development that could enormously complicate the crucial early weeks of her preparations to take office. (When given a binary choice between Trump and Ryan in yesterday’s YouGov poll, slightly more Republicans said Ryan is the leader of the party, not Trump – another sign of Trump’s support softening.) Trump’s favorable rating within his own party stands at 76 percent, fully 15 points lower than Mitt Romney’s rating among Republicans at this time four years ago. Another Post-ABC poll from late last month, meanwhile, showed just 49 percent of Republicans have a “strongly favorable” view of Trump, which seems like it’s a good approximation of his most passionate supporters.

The ad shows the infamous video of Trump getting off a bus with former “Access Hollywood” host Billy Bush, then plays a portion of Trump’s remarks about women.

“For every sliver of Trump fans who declare they won’t vote GOP down ticket because a candidate denounced Trump, there’s usually an equal slice of swing voters who may warm to the Republican candidate”, Blizzard said. If Trump wins, Toomey said, he might help win Senate approval of his court nominations.

Trump has frequently targeted Ryan both on the campaign trail and on Twitter.

His pledge to restore manufacturing jobs will resonate with upstate voters on down-ballot races, Republican leaders said. “Whether this works, only time will tell”, Arceneaux said.

Trump does this a lot, and even a newly impassioned GOP with fiery candidates couldn’t make a victor out of that turkey.

The tension between Trump and Ryan has complicated electoral prospects for the presidential nominee, who is denying accusations that he groped multiple women, and for congressional Republicans, who worry that Trump’s unpopularity could endanger their control of the House and Senate. It was a farrago of falsehoods the likes of which no one has ever seen … since Trump’s last debate. They had $2.6 million in their coffers.