Hillary pulls ahead of Trump in new poll

The Latest In leaked speech Clinton discusses young voters

The Fox News poll found that 53 percent had an unfavourable opinion of Clinton, while 55 percent view Trump in a negative light.

Trump unleashed a series of tweets early Friday saying that rival Hillary Clinton had shown bad judgment in using Alicia Machado “as a paragon of virtue”. I don’t believe Hillary will. As reported by the Inquisitr, Johnson is hoping to take part in the second debate, but he needs an average of 15 percent support across various polls.

The GOP nominee complained about his mic the morning after the debate, even suggesting he may have been sabotaged.

“I think so”, Trump answered and proceeded to rant about Clinton’s extensive career in politics, “26-30 years”, Trump approximated.

Trump has continued to provide a steady stream of new material. She has been a disaster. Some surrogates are claiming he did Machado a favor, explaining that Miss Universe wanted to fire her for gaining weight, so at least he told her she need to trim down, instead of giving her the boot.

He raised questions about Clinton’s loyalty to her husband for the first time Saturday night. During the event, Clinton said that many young people are “children of the Great Recession”. “And when you look at their path of putting together the collection of states they need to 270, OH on the battleground is among the hardest ones for them to win at this point”.

“Honestly, I don’t think she’s all there”, he said during an August 6 rally. Our politicians waste the money. Of course, the majority of his supporters locally don’t know him any better than the members of this editorial board, so they can’t talk with any more authority as to the candidate’s human qualities.

Donald Trump says his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton should be in prison.

But Trump wasn’t having it.

And he said Trump “apparently got to avoid paying taxes for almost two decades”. “The bottom line is that New Mexico is more competitive than I expected”.

“What do you say to American people of color”. O’Reilly then wanted to know. A lot of millennials are very wishy-washy about a Hillary Clinton presidency.

In this election, it is my feeling that voting for a third party may be as good as not voting at all.

“I guess I’m leading?”

Trump’s assessment at the debate that he’s not running “nasty” ads about Clinton also isn’t quite right.

“She should be in prison”, Trump declared as his supporters chanted: “Lock her up!”

“They gave me a defective mic. Can you believe we’re nearly there?” “Why didn’t you go after her on Charlotte?”

Still more Trump footage finds its way into dozens of ads by Priorities USA, a super PAC backing Clinton. “But you’re the law and order candidate!” I’m going to be able to do it.

But days later, as he faces fallout from a poor performance, Trump and his surrogates have begun to reverse that decision. “Sure. The sanctuary is for the criminals”. She said the action underscored that Trump is “temperamentally unfit to be commander-in-chief”.