Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Hold Leads in National Poll

Seventy percent of Trump backers also believe that the Confederate battle flag should still be flying over their state capitol.

Trump and Clinton each hold strong leads among SC voters polled from their respective parties, according to the latest data from Public Policy Polling. Ohio Gov. John Kasich is the only other candidate in double digits at 10 percent.

For the Republicans, the poll has a margin or effort of plus or minus 5.7 percent.

On the Democratic side, Clinton leads Bernie Sanders 55 percent to Sanders’s 34 percent.

It still shows Trump with a substantial lead at 35 percent.

Trump’s plan to bar Muslims from the United States is also popular among Palmetto State supporters. In each group of GOP voters studied, Trump comes out on top. While that result is largely in line with what New Hampshire exit polls indicated last week, perhaps more surprising is the finding that one in five South Carolina Republicans favor banning homosexuals from the country. The research group says data shows Trump has much wider leads in head to head contests with Bush and Cruz. Seventy-seven percent of Trump supporters say they’ll definitely vote for him and a deeper dive into the cross tabs offers a glimpse of why he’s doing so well there.

In less than five days, Republican voters in SC will be selecting their candidate in South Carolina’s primary race.

Ku Klux Klan members take part in a Klan demonstration at the state house building on July 18, 2015 in Columbia, South Carolina. The Democratic Presidential Preference Primary is Saturday, Feb. 27.

With his open xenophobia and Muslim-bashing, it’s not a secret that Trump is tapping into a racist streak in American politics, but this poll provides some concrete evidence this rhetoric is actually attracting a sizable amount of open racists.

Elizabeth Sanders is a Digital Producer for The Greenville News.

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