Harry Reid claims FBI chief hasn’t followed LAW while investigating Email Case


Just 9 days are remaining for the presidential election in America, and FBI has started investigating new emails that may contain Hillary’s name. Now, Harry Reid believes that this all episode  is ‘politically motivated action’.

United States Senator, Harry Reid, wrote a letter in which cleared that ‘he believes that the action taken by FBI by starting the investigation of a closed case just before 10 days of election, is clearly ‘politically motivated”.

He added in the letter ‘it may possible that FBI chief has broken the law, in which an FBI official gets barred from affecting the election by any means.

However, on all these allegations, FBI Head, James Comey, replied by saying that the case which included Hillary Clinton’s name was closed but when he received new emails, he didn’t want to mislead the American people and hence made information regarding the case public.

On the other hand, Harry Reid also accused Comey of hiding his close relations with Republican Party member Hillary’s opponent, Donald Trump, and Russian Government.

After this so-called ‘politically motivated game’, the difference between Hillary and Trump has decreased, as per as few latest surveys.

Hillary in her election campaign rally said “it’s really surprising to know that the announcement of the investigation made just 10 days before the election and that too on the basis of low inputs”.