GOP congressman: No, the election isn’t rigged

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While many Republicans have spoken out against Trump’s claim, the Republican nominee implicates these GOP critics in his decline as well.

Voters in Wisconsin’s 1st District will begin to hear a lot more from their congressman, House Speaker Paul Ryan, as he begins his re-election advertising campaign, his campaign told Morning Consult.

“Personally, though I think that Trump has a personality that I would not want as a role model for anyone”, Fake says. She escaped prosecution, Trump alleged, because of collusion between the Clintons and the Department of Justice.

“That’s a sample of the people in this state”. The reality is that Paul didn’t want to be speaker.

Trump in recent days has suggested Clinton is on drugs, talked of a “stolen election” and called Clinton the “devil”.

While Trump didn’t directly egg on his audience, his relationship with Ryan has been testy throughout this election cycle. Now Ryan is doing numerous right things – condemning Trump’s videotaped remarks about women, announcing he won’t defend or campaign with Trump and advising members to “do what’s best for you in your district” regarding Trump. Which would be just fine with Paul Ryan. The event drew a similar number of attendees as Monday night’s rally. Trump’s words should anger you not only because they would be offensive to your sister, daughter or mother, but because they are derogatory toward all women.

But if they don’t abandon Trump, they look like craven opportunists and risk angering party moderates who no longer can countenance the misogynist at the top of the ticket.

Day backed Senator Ted Cruz in the primary, but said she can not support Trump, whom she does not consider a Republican. While Ryan didn’t retract his endorsement, it was enough for Trump to lash out. The latter is hard to believe, because House Republicans enjoy an enormous numerical advantage already, and careful gerrymandering of House districts makes a Democratic takeover all but impossible – even with Trump stinking up the room. Each county election board is made up of three people, one Republican and one Democrat and the county election board secretary, so that both major political parties are represented.

The crowd responded in kind with shouts of “tell the truth” and hurling taunts at reporters covering the event. The effect of feeling you must vote for someone who disgusts you can’t help but leave some baggage behind, can it? The issue that has dogged her campaign and damaged voters’ trust in her even as she remains the favorite ahead of the November 8 vote. To further this notion, he said, as President, that he would appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the Clinton emails.

Fallout continued Tuesday over Michigan Republican Party Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel’s removal from party leadership Monday of grassroots vice chair Wendy Day for refusing to support controversial GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.

“I think he wants to pull the team together, but he doesn’t want to focus on all the bad stuff”, Bloom said. But Woods, a self-described Christian conservative, says she has forgiven Trump for his sexual comments and will not abandon him.

In an unprecedented move, GOP leaders used a power in the party bylaws to force Day out, a party spokeswoman Sarah Anderson told the Free Press. “But looking at the choices we have and where he stands …”

“Over the next four weeks, we will hold Republicans accountable to their ugly standard bearer, and we’re confident that voters will do the same on Election Day”, he said in an e-mail.