Google announces easier ways to share in Photos

Google Photos ups its movie and sharing game

The search giant teased more concepts to be announced soon, but for now the Google Photos update is available immediately for Android, iOS and the web app. And it works well whether those you’re sharing with use Google Photos or not. “And they’re not only limited to your most recent uploads”. Starting today, Google Photos will be updated with a new sharing method that focuses on the people, rather than the app, you want to share with. Today the company is introducing taking another step in that direction with themed “concept movies”: videos generated algorithmically based on their content.

Have you ever wished you could hire a professional videography team to follow you around and make personalized movies of all the fun things you do?

View Google Photos’ promo film below.

Tim Novikoff, who joined Google previous year when it acquired his video-editing company, Fly Labs, said the feature takes advantage of Google’s advancements in deep learning and computer vision. “Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Little League highlights, dance recitals”.

It’s now even easier to share from Google Photos to anyone, no matter what.

Additionally, Google says it will enhance the automatic movies that it creates from your photo library into better produced productions “based on creative concepts”, says Google Photos product manager David Lieb, in a blog post, “The kinds of movies you might make yourself, if you just had the time”. “But we’re also making movies that span months and days”.

If you are sharing a photo with somebody who isn’t on Google Photos, you still use the same sharing dialog and contact picker and simply enter their email address or phone number. Tap it and your contacts will appear above the traditional share sheet, and any contacts who have Google Photos installed will appear with an app icon next to their face. Google then handles the rest for you by either sending and email, text message or in-app notifications.

Google Photos now features a redesigned Share menu, placing people in your contacts at the top, and apps (and the button to create a link) below.