Future of EU nationals in Britain is for Brexit talks

The World Queues Up To Win Trade Deals With Britain After Brexit

Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic was disappointed by an European Union decision last week to delay further membership talks. Its government has been trying since to find a way to reconcile that result with its relations with the EU.

The Chancellor, who had threatened tax and spending cuts through an emergency budget if Britain voted to leave, said he would wait for official forecasts before announcing any new measures.

Former Treasury chief Kenneth Clarke, speaking candidly to former Foreign Secretary Malcolm Rifkind, described May – leader in the first voting round – as a “bloody hard woman”.

He said UKIP had “clearly established ourselves as the third political force in this country, ” and should the Brexit exit negotiations not prove satisfactory “then in 2020 watch this space.”.

Ben Wallace, who was running the former London mayor’s campaign for the top job, said the Justice Secretary was unfit to become prime minister because he was not trustworthy.

“I have never been, and I have never wanted to be, a career politician”.

Corbyn argues that support from grassroots members, who delivered him a landslide victory in last year’s leadership election, gives him a mandate to lead.

A poll for the Conservative Home website put support among members for May on 37 percent, with 38 percent backing Leadsom. Unacceptable. Michael Foot was a proud son of Plymouth.

The Conservatives are holding their first round of voting Tuesday to whittle down the field in race to replace Prime Minister David Cameron, who announced his intention to resign after losing the vote.

“I firmly believe all European countries are democratically elected, political institutions who will not either act in an illegal or in an unfair way”.

Andrea Leadsom, a junior minister, offered reassurance to European Union nationals now living in Britain: “I commit today to guaranteeing the rights of our European Union friends who’ve already come here to live and work”.

But MPs from all parties have attacked the government’s stance, saying people “are not bargaining chips”.

And Britain’s first government bond launch since the June 23 European Union referendum returned a record-low yield of 0.382 percent.

Earlier in the day in a Westminster still convulsed with shock at the speed of events since 23 June, the man now in charge of drawing up the government’s Brexit plans said that the new PM would be able to trigger Article 50 without a further vote in the House of Commons – something there had been legal dispute on. “No doubt that will be heard in court”, Letwin said.

We now have the phenomenon where “British unionists” are voting with their feet to become Irish (and therefore EU) citizens.

While low rates can help the economy by making borrowing cheaper, they weigh on the growth of savings and pension funds.

Oppenheimer Funds Chief Investment Officer Krishna Memani likens the current situation to how Europe’s central bank handled its 2011 crisis.

She cast herself as a passionate supporter of the Brexit cause, although she opposed it as recently as 2013, promising negotiations would be relatively quick and effective in terms of giving Britain the power to control how many immigrants will move to the United Kingdom.

Launching his Tory leadership campaign yesterday Liam Fox, a former Defence Secretary, said that free movement must end or this would be a “betrayal” of the Brexit vote last month.

Concern that investors may rush to pull money out of British financial companies and investments saw the pound fall another 0.9 percent to $1.3166 on Tuesday, its lowest since the vote and the weakest in 31 years.

Osborne told the Financial Times it was time to “make the most of the hand we’ve been dealt”.