Ford determined to move to Mexico even after Trump won the 2016 election


Ford has recently cleared that the company is still on its plan of moving the small-car production to Mexico from the US, even after Trump won the 2016 presidential election.

Well, during the election campaigns, Trump strongly said that he would increase the tax up to 35 percent for the every type of cars sold in the United States, but made in Mexico.

After this remark, several business experts believed that Ford would re-think on its decision of moving out of US if Trump would win the election.

However, the CEO of the company, Mark Fields, said in a talk with FOX NEWS that Ford will move its small-car production out of US in near future and it won’t affect the company’s statistics as it’s a part of the plan.

He said “we are just doing what we are planned for. And our plan of introducing two very important product is also as same as it was earlier.”

He added, “we don’t believe that increasing taxes on vehicles would decrease our customers or harm in any way”.

However, he avoided to comment directly on the Trump’s remark on increasing taxes on the purchase of Mexico made Ford cars.

Ford is the third largest automaker in the United States and the company still believes that nothing will change even because of the ‘new taxation rules’.

The company also cleared that it will have ‘zero impact’ on jobs.