Figures to stay on active roster

Ronald Martinez  Getty Images

Romo suffered a compression fracture in his back in a preseason game against Seattle on August 25. Tony Romo on the active roster for at least another day. Had they placed him on injured reserve, he would have been forced to miss the first eight weeks of the season per National Football League rules.

I’m no doctor, and neither is Jones, but Jones calls the shots with the Cowboys, even if he should yield some of the decision-making power at times. If the Cowboys place him on injured reserve, he’ll be forced to miss the first eight weeks of the season. Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo would seem to be an ideal candidate for the list, as his expected recovery time from a broken vertebra is 6-10 weeks, but owner Jerry Jones doesn’t plan on putting Romo on IR. He’ll fill in for Romo until he’s able to return, whenever that is.

There’s been talk about placing Romo on injured reserve, which would prevent the veteran quarterback from practicing before Week 7 or playing in a game before Week 9. “We will be very liberal in evaluating when it is when he can come back”.

This is especially true when you consider that the Cowboys did not put in a single waiver claim following Saturday’s roster cuts, indicating that they are in no rush to open up an extra roster spot.

Romo, who’s out with a back injury, could have been placed on the short-term IR. Maybe, at some point, a team won’t be sufficiently ready for Dak Prescott.