FBI probes possible US ties to corruption by former Ukraine president

Sergii Leshchenko: Ukrainians saw Paul Manafort's political impact up close - and it wasn't pretty

The party official, who spoke to ABC News on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the topic, said Manafort had acted as Yanukovych’s “personal trainer” in political campaigning and credited Manafort with Yanukovych’s winning Ukraine’s presidency in 2010.

Ukrainian journalist and member of parliament Serhiy Leshchenko points to a monitor displaying a page of an accounting book of the party of former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych with the signings of payments to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

The move by Mercury LLC follows reports by The Associated Press that former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort’s consulting firm – which worked for Ukraine’s ruling political party – oversaw what was supposed to be an independent European nonprofit without disclosing its role to the Justice Department.

It seems that Mr. Manafort’s resignation will eventually lead to more of Trump’s staff leaving, as Bannon and Conway are already considering hiring additional people. Now it’s Manafort himself who has dropped out.

A day after announcing a campaign shake-up and as he trails in the polls, the GOP nominee said that he recognized that his comments – which have angered minorities and alienated large swaths of the general election electorate – may have been ill-advised.

Those revelations included an Associated Press report from Thursday, which revealed Manafort’s firm orchestrated a covert USA lobbying operation on the party’s behalf. In a statement, Trump thanked Manafort for his help on getting the nomination.

Rick Gates, who has been Manafort’s influential deputy, will stay on and be based in Washington, according to Trump campaign spokesman Jason Miller, “taking over as the campaign’s liaison” to the RNC.

This is second change at the top of Trump’s campaign in little more than two months. But his efforts to rein in some of Trump’s most controversial tendencies were seen as a failure.

“I will not rest until children of every color in this country are fully included in the American Dream”, Trump said, urging African-American voters to give him a chance. Trump had repeatedly rebuffed Manafort’s urgings to run a conventional election campaign, refusing to spend money on either television advertising or campaign organization in the so-called battleground states, the dozen or so states that have been competitive between the Democrats and Republicans over the past half dozen presidential elections.

Bannon has heavily promoted the Trump campaign and effectively forced out a Breitbart reporter, Michelle Fields, who was assaulted by Trump campaign manager Lewandowski earlier this year.

“I think my father didn’t want to be, you know, distracted by, you know, whatever things that, you know, Paul was dealing with”, he told Fox News.

Trump’s visit was one of his first steps under new campaign leadership.

Those suspicions have been partly fueled by Trump’s frequent expressions of sympathy and admiration for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Andrew Brennan, 21, is wearing a hat printed with the words of Trump’s campaign slogan: “Make America Great Again”.

Goodbye to the Trump-churian Campaign Manager Although the Trump campaign long denied that Paul Manafort had any significant connection to Russian oligarchs, a barrage of media stories this week certainly implied the contrary. This may have been the reason Trump friended Putin and said that he was doing a good job for Russian Federation, even though its economy is slumping and he grabbed the Crimea illegally.