Facebook announces its plan to help people in crisis


In past few months (or years), we have seen several new features on Facebook and one of the very interesting feature is the “Safety Check”, which asks users if they are safe and sound whenever a major crisis happens in their area.

By updating their “Safety Check” status, friends and family automatically come to know that that they are safe.

Unfortunately, the feature was backlashed as it ignored several important incidents like 2015 bombings in Beirut and Lebanon.

For that, the Facebook has announced that “Safety Check” will automatically get triggered whenever users start posting about some crisis on a large scale.

Now taking a further step, the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, has recently announced that they are taking several positive steps such as introducing “artificial intelligence”, which will helpful to people in crisis more accurately.

Zuckerberg also cleared that ‘artificial intelligence’ will also be used to identify the harmful post or any other form of a harmful thing, to ensure a user is safe.

He added, “suppose, someone is adding a post and if it seems that he/she is planning to harm himself/herself, then we can raise an alarm by informing or notifying his/her friend and family member”.

He then added “we at Facebook want, people to use the fundraising feature in a bigger way. We helped in raising more than $150 million in 2014’s Ice Bucket Challenge, which was awareness program”.

Apart from that, Facebook is also planning to work on a feature to filter fake news from the web, which can help a lot. Actually, during the presidential election, hundreds of fake news were spread using social media and some even went viral and sadly millions of people believed it.