Expert to investigate what made a large tree to fall on wedding party in California

After the large tree fell on the wedding party, killing one woman and injuring seven other people, authorities have now initiated an investigation to find out the actual cause behind this tree-fall.

It has been reported that the eucalyptus tree was standing in a Southern California park but on Saturday evening, it had fallen suddenly on the nearby wedding party.

In this tragic and unfortunate incident, apart from one death, six people received minor injuries and one four-year-old girl received severe head injuries.

Firefighters reported that more than 20 people were initially trapped inside the tree, who were free by cutting the huge branches using a chainsaw.

A local newspaper reported that the park would remain closed until the expert explains the reason behind its unexpected fall. The expert would also be checking the other trees if they are at risk.

Jeff Collier, the city manager said in a talk with media “as per as current reports, it has been explained that the recent rainfall combined with California’s drought could be the reason of weakening of roots”.

He added “we have seen this situation earlier as well. Tree roots get weaken during drought and rainfall and hence it falls.”

Few witnessed later explained that they heard a loud cracking sound before the incident took place.

Four year old, who was immediately transferred to hospital for treatment as she suffered severe head injury, is now said to be out of danger but still in critical condition. Her other family members are still to identify.