Expert reveals the therapies to heal people suffered sexual abuse


As per as reports, in the United States only, one in two women and one in five men are at least once in lifetime sexually abused by anyone, most likely by some family member.

A sex expert, 32-year-old, Layla Martin, revealed some therapies that can be helpful for the sexual abuse victims.

Layla herself was a victim of sexual abuse and hence she understands very well the condition of the person, sexually, mentally and physically.

Her father abused her for more than 4 years, which left her completely broken, depressed. However, she somehow managed to get out of it and now she has come up with few therapies which can help people in such situation.

#1 Vaginal Massage – Martin explained that this trick she learned from her tantra teacher, which includes a therapeutic massage of the vagina. This therapy can only be done by the partner or some professional. She cleared that “vaginal massage” was very helpful her in healing the pain of insider her.

#2 Tantric bioenergetic healing – This therapy includes releasing of bad memories and pain through sound and filling space with positive memories. Patients need to locate the pain in their body and use breath to clear those.

#3 Trauma releasing exercises – By doing Yoga, Meditation, the patient can simply get some ‘relief’. However, these exercises are designed to give a muscular tremor, which as a result makes the body more relaxed.

She also said that people who suffered sexual abuse and are still in trauma should also talk about their experience, which will decrease their mental stress.