EU’s Mogherini sees no new Cold War; urges Syria truce be respected

Since intervening in the Syrian conflict in September, Russia has pursued a devastating air campaign from Hmeymim air base in Syria’s Latakia province, which has helped swing momentum in favor of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Obama made the call in a phone conversation with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin on Sunday, the White House said in a statement, Xinhua reported.

Analysts believe that Russia’s military intervention in Syria has given Assad a new lease of life and has also deeply alarmed the West. But Jubeir, whose country is among the main Syrian opposition backers, said that “it is impossible for a man behind the killing of 300,000 innocent people…to remain” in power.

Major powers agreed on Friday to a limited cessation of hostilities in Syria but the deal does not take effect until the end of this week and was not signed by any warring parties – the Damascus government and numerous rebel factions fighting it.

But a day later Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev told the gathering that Moscow and the West had “fallen into a new Cold War”.

Ayrault said the Munich deal must be respected.

“It is an opportunity for us to turn our undivided attention on Daesh, which is probably the single most challenging global threat”, said GCC Secretary General Abdullatif al-Zayani, using the Arabic acronym for the Islamic State group.

Putin also reiterated the need to establish a “common counter-terrorist front”, with close contacts between US and Russian defense officials “which would make it possible to combat ISIS and other terrorist organizations in more effective and better-planned fashion”. “So when the regime is fighting, whoever the regime is fighting, that’s who gets struck”. They also discussed the situation in Ukraine, the Kremlin said.

“What we agreed in Munich is a cessation of hostilities, not a pause to allow the allies of certain regional players to regroup”, he said in criticism of Iran’s foe Saudi Arabia.

The White House said in a statement Sunday that Biden had pointed out to Davutoglu U.S. efforts to discourage Syrian Kurdish forces from exploiting current circumstances to seize additional territory near the Turkish border, and urged Turkey to show reciprocal restraint.

“Aleppo is becoming a litmus test of everything that is going on in Syria”.

Separately, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has reportedly said that his country and Saudi Arabia may launch ground operations against the IS group in Syria.

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