Erie veterans can receive free flu shot

Flu Season to Start Soon

What researchers found was that the nasal spray vaccine effectiveness among children 2 to 17 was 3 percent a year ago.

October through March are the peak months for influenza in the United States, and health officials say the earlier you get vaccinated the better. “People who live in dorms should especially get the vaccine”, Craig Schutta, a simulation technology specialist in the College of Nursing, said.

Pavia said even without FluMist this year, parents will still force their children to get the shot. CVS even offers customers incentives such as 20% off their purchase the day they get their flu shot.

“The controversy was really about whether to start in August or September – the controversy about when to start is really a false controversy”, Pavia said.

The cost of flu vaccine will vary from $32 to $60 depending on the individual’s age and the type of vaccine used. It has accounted for about a third of pediatric flu vaccination in recent years, but the results were not the expected.

While the flu shot vaccine effectiveness was nearly 60 percent a year ago, the vaccine has been updated to better match viruses calculating this season. This year seniors have a second alternative, Seqiris’ Fluad with “adjuvant”, the first US flu vaccine to contain an extra compound created to rev up the immune system’s response to the shot.

In addition to getting the seasonal flu vaccine; there are other things everyone can do to prevent contracting and spreading the flu.

The WSDOH communications director wrote in a news release on Monday that the death is a reminder that flu seasons are unpredictable and serious.

Health Officer Kevin Thomas encourages all residents of Cape May County to get vaccinated to help protect themselves and others from influenza.

It may not feel like it but flu season is already underway.

Flu – the name we often use for influenza, is a viral infection of the respiratory tract – your nose, mouth, throat, and lungs.

That’s because early protection might not last through the entire season, says a report by NPR. “But for the majority of seasons and the majority of people, the protection is going to last for the flu season”. Medical professionals explain it’s not possible to predict what this flu season will be like.

Manufacturers and scientists study which strain of the affluenza virus is circulating in the Southern Hemisphere during its winter flu season. For uninsured children less than 18 years old, the Vaccine for Children program provides a free vaccine. “Getting the flu can be debilitating and sometimes life-threatening”, he said in the news release.