Entry-level Tesla Model X 70 priced from $80000

Aside from being an all-electric, AWD crossover, the Model X is unique for its “falcon-wing” doors.

Currently, there are around 90,000 Model S cars available on the road and this makes this incident as the largest ever recall for Tesla.

According to Tesla, delivery of the new entry-level 70D is expected to commence in mid to late 2016, while P90D deliveries are expected to commence early 2016.

While it will be a few months before Tesla is able to catch up on its Model X orders, customers are now at least able to head to the Tesla website to choose their options for the auto.

In September, Tesla revealed its Signature model, which is fully loaded, would cost between $132,000 to $144,000 before tax credits and other incentives.

We are pleased to tell you that the Tesla Model X is finally available for the public to reserve theirs, with three variants available to you.

Electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Motors has opened its first store location in Calgary at CF Chinook Centre.

This blue Founders Series Model X was presented to its owner at the launch event on September 29th, 2015.

“To ensure we comply with Hong Kong regulations, we will be temporarily turning off these two functions on all model S [cars] in Hong Kong effective immediately”, Tesla announced on Tuesday evening.

The most basic Model X, with a 70 kilowatt-hour battery pack, starts at $80,000, before state and federal incentives are factored in. The top of the range Model S P90D is $145,700. “We have since inspected the seat belts in over 3,000 vehicles spanning the entire range of Model S production and found no issues”. If you want six seats, that’ll be $3,000 extra, and if you desire seven, prepare to shell out $4,000. For another $10K, you can add on “Ludicrous Speed” which takes the auto from 0-60 in 3.2 seconds.

For reference, the top of the line Model X P90D has a slightly lower range of 250miles.

At the base configuration, a Tesla Model X will set you back $81,200. And that’s before adding any options. If you hit all the other options, like premium sound system ($2,500), subzero weather package ($1,000), and towing option ($750), you get pretty close to the $100,000 mark. Buyers can also opt for a premium audio system which will cost $2,500 more while an adjustable air suspension will require another $2,500.

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