EHRs Are Great for Travelers

If you travel a lot, both within the country or overseas, switching to electronic health records is simply a must. Electronic health records are now used to store patients’ complete medical records more conveniently. Instead of pages of printed out documents, the entire medical records – complete with medical imaging results and other information – can be stored digitally in a flash drive or in the cloud.

According to studies by the University of Cincinnati and its online masters in health informatics department, all 50 states across the United States now have a hub through which health information can be exchanged. Hospitals can request access to a patient’s medical records – with the patient’s consent – in a matter of seconds, allowing them to provide better healthcare services at lower costs. The same set of EHRs can also be used overseas, especially in Europe and some parts of Asia.

You can learn more about the whole health IT ecosystem from the full infographic, The Anatomy of a Health IT Ecosystem by