Drunk woman gatecrashes funeral

The casket that Cynthia Frierson allegedly attacked was open and in a funeral service. Picture: iStock

AN INTOXICATED woman allegedly burst into a funeral service and began grabbing at the body inside an open casket before trying to remove it.

Cynthia Ann Frierson is behind bars after being arrested at the Roundtree-Napier-Ogilvie Funeral Home in the city of Columbia, Tennessee, WTVF reported.

Columbia Police Department officers were initially called to an alleged hit and run of parked vehicles, the department said in a statement. A red pick-up truck driven by 36-year-old Frierson allegedly sideswiped vehicles parked in front of houses.

As officers spoke to a driver of a vehicle allegedly hit by Frierson, they received a call of a disturbance at the nearby funeral home.

“Frierson showed up at the funeral home as they were actively having a funeral and walked up to the open casket,” a witness told police.

She allegedly “then began grabbing at the body inside of the casket and at one point attempted to get the body out of the casket.”
Funeral attendees were incensed and told Frierson to get out.

“Frierson then refused to leave, and approximately six people had to pull her away from the casket and take her outside,” the police report stated.

When officers arrived Frierson was outside the funeral home and smelt of alcohol and her speech was slurred.

In addition to charges related to the vehicle accidents and public intoxication, Frierson was charged with “disorderly conduct at funerals, due to her grabbing the body inside of the casket, which was offensive to the sensibilities of an ordinary person,” Officer Landen Barber wrote.

When police took Frierson to Maury County Jail in Columbia, it was noticed that she was holding a lighter and a piece of paper.

A clear glass pipe was found inside the paper and Frierson was additionally charged with the possession of unlawful drug paraphernalia.

She remained in jail with a bail set at $6500.