Driver who crashed bus in a tree, killing 6 students, had no alcohol or drugs


The Tennessee driver who crashed his school bus into a tree, killing 6 little kids and injuring more than 35 people, wasn’t on drug or alcohol, says report.

The Monday evening accident which left six families in grief has taken now an interesting turn, as the driver wasn’t on drug or alcohol.

24 year old, Johnthony Walker, who is currently in jail and police are trying to figure out the conditions because of that, this unfortunate incident happened.

A police officer, Austin Garrett, reported to the media that Walker had already gone for a toxicology test, which revealed that he wasn’t on drug and he was doing perfectly fine.

Another report clears that everything was going fine, then suddenly he changed the route and started driving on Tally Road.

Now the question arises here is, why he changed the route. Was there something, which he didn’t like or bothering him, so he changed the route.

Chairman of National Transportation Safety Board said: “two questions we have to find out; one, why he changed the route and second, has he done this before”.

He added “Walker has no criminal record and he used to drive his vehicles very smooth all the time, no complaints were lodged since he took steering. Then what forced him to change his route.”

The NTSB is now taking help of a specialist in studying the audio clips and videos, there were recorded from the bus’s interior camera.