Don’t be ridiculous, Sony: PS4 can’t compete with PC

PS4 Pro

President of Sony Interactive Entertainment Andrew House stands-on stage with the PlayStation 4 Pro at the console’s announcement. Those who are planning to upgrade to the new console would also find in more convenient to transfer data, such as games, user info and saved data, via wired LAN connection with the “Data transfer to New PS4” feature.

Slightly quieter than the older PS4 models, all your existing games and apps will work on the slimline PS4, bringing you a top-notch array of titles from its back catalogue.

While there’s no guarantee that it will remain like that, the possibility is still a likely one, especially considering the wide variety of hardware options that PC players are capable of obtaining.

In related news, House recently said that part of the reason why Sony is coming out with the PS4 Pro is because he’s seen data that suggests that gamers move over to PC during a certain stage in a console’s lifecycle to get a high-end experience. With the upgrades on the two systems, both the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One S may reportedly be the interim releases before next-generation consoles arrive.

Neither company is heading in the direction of upgradable consoles, but making sure savvy players don’t migrate off console because the hardware can no longer keep up with PC is a priority for both.

Only native 4K games confirmed for PS4 Pro are so far The Last of Us Remastered, The Elder Scrolls Online and Mantis Burn Racing.

Since its original launch, Sony has regularly updated the console, adding new features all the way. This new console will play games at near-4K fidelity with high-definition resolution (HDR) support and stream 4K movies.

There is no set price or definite release date yet. However, it also supports UHD Blu-ray playback due to it having a 4K Blu-ray player built in.

Now about PlayStation 4 Slim, Tech Radar called this new entrant as runaway victor compared to the original PS4. PlayStation 4 Pro also comes with an additional USB port in the rear in addition to two USB ports in the front for connecting additional devices including the PlayStation virtual reality system.

Now that 4.00 is up and out for the PS4, we’ll see if Sony starts getting aggressive again when November rolls around and the PS4 Pro launches.

There’s little doubt that when viewed on its own terms, with little comparison to rivals or the former model, that the PS4 Slim is an excellent games console.

On the flip side of things, building a PC that could play this game at that level is going to cost a lot, somewhere around $2000.

If motherboard shots don’t turn you on, Project Scorpio might not be your thing. It’s your call, but hopefully I’ve given you at least a decent idea of what the console market is shaping up to include within the next year.