Donald Trump wins the US Presidential Election in tough fight with Hillary


The business tycoon, who has no prior experience in politics, has been chosen as the next US President by the people of US.

Donald Trump defeated Hillary in presidential election in a tough fight and will take charge of office from January next year.

Seeing the election polls, it was clear that Hillary will win the match but surprising every expert and poll, Trump has become the 45th president of US.

However, if Hillary had become the president of US, then she would be the first female president but now US has to wait for another four years at least.

Experts before election were believing that ‘winning this presidential election’ was nearly impossible for Trump.

Proving his majority, Trump has won 289 seats while Hillary stands with only 218.

Experts now say that Trump performed very well in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, Texas and North Carolina, which stood as a game changer.

Just days ago, in his election campaign, he addressed to the people and said ‘if he wins, he would become president of every American’.

He added that in that addressing ‘if people of US want growth and unity, they should choose him’.

However, after the results he first of all congratulated every person who was with him during the election campaigns. He then said ‘this is victory of the America’.

He added that Hillary called him for congratulating this “America’s victory”.

His wining words are “our election campaign was not just simple campaign, but it was movement. This is the victory of all races and beliefs”.