Donald Trump supporters shout ‘Paul Ryan sucks!’

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Years of losses have left Democrats at historic lows in state legislatures. “I think he’s seeing it as more of a spending thing than an investment, and so he wants to cut where he can to try to keep the budget down”. Clinton has already started to divert some of her rhetorical energy to helping Democrats in Senate and House races, and Democratic money sources are moving to try to make November 8 a day of victory at all levels.

“New Yorkers have shown that they have no problem voting for Democrats for some offices, and Republicans for other offices”, Greenberg said.

So, even if the Democrats control the Senate starting in January, Republicans could still block a President Clinton’s Supreme Court nominations and policy program. There is, said the Democratic official, “no lack of harmony”. I mean, who can really know. Next month will also mark the 50th year since the Reagan revolution was launched in California by the former actor’s stunning victory over Democratic legend Pat Brown.

Since our family makes it a habit to not talk politics at holiday gatherings, I will leave it to others to pollute their Thanksgivings with such unpleasant talk.

Iowa Republicans are making robust investments in their attempt to win control of the Iowa Senate, outspending Democrats by almost 70 percent in the chamber’s most critical election races.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is a Democrat, and the state Assembly has a huge majority that will not be threatened this year. One of the most pivotal races is in Denver’s western suburbs, where Republican Sen. But is also because this has been a long, ugly and divisive campaign and I can’t say that writing about the two candidates is particularly enjoyable.

The president and a Senate majority leader such as Chuck Schumer of NY, along with Democratic chairs, would bring up all those measures.

The Michigan Republican Party is poised to oust one of its state leaders for her refusal to support presidential candidate Donald Trump, in a move that is putting an increased spotlight on party divisions over the controversial nominee.

Statewide, Clinton was ahead of Trump 54 percent to 30 percent, the Siena Poll said. The fact is Trump won because people that vote Republican have been let down and disappointed one too many times, and their instinct is being borne out here. Clinton’s dealings with Wall Street and major corporations, the secret connections between her campaign and the news media, and nasty remarks by a top aide about Catholics.

In recent national polling, Clinton leads head-to-head match-ups against Trump, with the Democrat holding 48.9 percent support compared to 41.9 percent for the NY businessman, according to averages compiled by RealClear Politics.

While it looks increasingly likely that Trump will lose the general election to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, Meng said the business mogul’s candidacy will have a “lasting impact” on an already sharply divided House of Representatives.

“In an unsettled world, Donald Trump and John Katko’s approach takes us down a risky path”, it says.

Trump has regularly talked on the campaign trail about the troubles of upstate ny, knocking Clinton for her record as the state’s USA senator from 2001 through 2008.

“But these suburban-dwellers are also the voters likeliest to stick with Republicans down ballot”, Wasserman said. Right now Republicans have a 54-46 majority.

The feud between Trump and Ryan started not even two weeks ago – when this story broke.

His unloading on Ryan after the House speaker said he would no longer defend or campaign with Trump underscored that there is no middle ground. “And what’s in our heart is to protect women”.

The best guess, absent a sea change in the presidential race, is a 10-15 seat Democratic pickup.

More than $22 million has been raised in legislative campaigns, of which $13 million has been spent so far.

Timmer said he’s aware of the party bylaw, but removing Day is a mistake because it is “not focused on getting candidates elected” and avoiding what he fears could be a historic defeat.