Donald Trump persist in ‘Mexico will pay’ for border wall

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump delivers an immigration policy speech during a campaign rally at the Phoenix Convention Center Wednesday Aug. 31 2016 in Phoenix

Clinton campaign chair John Podesta said in a statement, “This is embarrassing to Donald Trump and offensive to people who are impacted by and care about the very serious issue of immigration”. Ever they can not become citizens of U.S., this is the ultimate message give to the entire world.

“You can’t just smuggle in, hunker down and wait to be legalised”.

Trump laid out a harsh, sweeping nationalist plan to dramatically slash illegal immigration, a main plank of his presidential campaign.

The Hillary Clinton campaign can barely hide their happiness over Trump spinning his wheels on immigration.

The billionaire candidate’s plan includes deporting immigrants with criminal records, cancelling President Barack Obama’s executive orders protecting millions of undocumented migrants, and blocking federal funding to so-called “sanctuary cities” that bar discrimination against the undocumented. “But our greatest compassion must be for our American citizens”.

Her campaign later confirmed her decision.

Trump’s tense global trip to Mexico on Wednesday saw him navigate a political tightrope just 69 days before the election. But Pena Nieto contradicted Trump by tweeting that he told the Republican nominee in their meeting that Mexico would not fund the construction.

Trump was reportedly peeved that Peña Nieto made that portion of their conversation public, according to the Wall Street Journal. “What we saw today (Thursday) from a man who claims to be the ultimate “deal maker” is that he doesn’t have the courage to advocate for his campaign promises when he’s not in front of a friendly crowd”, he said.

However, DNC national press secretary Mark Paustenbach said, “Trump has boasted that he is going to get Mexico to pay for his ridiculous wall but when he came face to face with the Mexican President he got out maneuvered and then tried to cover it up on worldwide TV”.

Political analyst Bakari Sellers branded the speech “nationalism on steroids”.