Don King stumps for Trump in Ohio, says nominee will save US

Donald Trump returning to Ohio, chides Hillary Clinton's absence

If you are rich, you are a rich negro. “If you are intelligent, intellectual, you’re an intellectual Negro’”. If you’re a dancing and sliding and gliding n****r, I mean negro ― you’re a dancing and sliding and gliding negro.

“So they’re not alienatin’, because you cannot assimilate”, he added. “You going to be a negro until you die”.

King told the crowd at Cleveland’s New Spirit Revival Center, one of the city’s larger African-American churches.

In his introduction, King discussed systemic racism against the black community and insisted that black people need to vote for Trump to secure their rights.

King called Trump a “gladiator” who will take on the system like David and Goliath.

Trump later said he was only acting as a flustered reporter, not one with a disability, and he denied knowing Kovaleski, who had covered him for years.

King, who is supporting Trump’s presidential bid, appeared to be trying to explain the nature of discrimination in the United States when he made the unfortunate gaffe.

King said white women and African-Americans should vote for Trump to topple the established order.

King, who is black, said the word as he talked about black people trying to achieve success by emulating white people, but still remaining “negros”.

The property mogul returned the favour after taking the podium, lauding King as “a good guy” and “a phenomenal person” whom he respects greatly. “And people of color don’t have their rights”, said King. But after reading from notes about the role of the black church in the civil rights movement and vowing to help struggling black Americans, Trump questioned the Tulsa officer’s reaction in shooting Crutcher, who was unarmed.

“Don, that was so special”, Trump said, before calling King “an incredible guy”.

Donald’s opponent Hillary Clinton, 68, has a wide advantage with black voters, per KSBW, and these citizens could very well decide the next presidential election.

Bloomberg first reported King was joining Team Trump on an OH campaign swing starting Wednesday morning. That charge was subsequently reduced to manslaughter, and he was pardoned after serving four years in prison.