Did AT&T Stadium’s Windows Cost Dallas a Win?

Giants receiver Victor Cruz broke into his salsa dance

Protecting the one-point lead, the Giants (1-0) ran Rashad Jennings all seven times on a drive that ended with a punt to give Dallas (0-1) the ball back at its 20 with 1:05 remaining. Instead, the Cowboys couldn’t spike it quick enough and time ran out for a loss.

Dan Bailey had four field goals, matched his career long at 56 yards and had another one from 54. That being said, there’s still a lot of room for the Dallas Cowboys to improve as they look to win their first game of the season against the Washington Redskins next week.

McAdoo was the play-caller as offensive coordinator the past two seasons, including a year ago when Coughlin was taking the heat for all the late-game meltdowns.

Williams had a chance to get out of bounds and stop the clock around the Giants 45 with a few seconds left. However, Dez Bryant was awful, Terrance Williams made a stupid mistake, and so another season begins looking ominous. The rookie had a struggling time to get any kind of running room rushing for only 51 yards on 20 carries averaging only a nearly putrid 2.5 yards per carry. Sterling Shepard, the rookie WR out of Oklahoma, made a leaping catch in the second quarter for his first touchdown of his National Football League career.

And it wasn’t so much his trademark dance that brought back the joy after his first game, and first touchdown, in almost two years.

The Giants’ defense, fortified in free agency, held Dallas after the go-ahead score. In fact, he played quite well.

The defense allowed the Cowboys to dominate the time of possession, especially in the first half.

In previous years, a running back like Ezekiel Elliott would have run all over the Giants. It’s really like they got the ball both halves.

Dallas wanted to run the ball but could only manage 3.4 yards per carry on 30 attempts. The rookie No. 4 overall pick also tallied just one catch for a single yard.

This loss was tough for the Cowboys to swallow. They had struggled big time without their main man, since 2007 they have won only ten games and lost 24 games when Romo wasn’t on the field.

“We had high expectations”, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said, “and I thought he met and exceeded the expectations”. Jameis Winston dove for a touchdown at the goal line. except he fumbled and the Cowboys recovered. except there was defensive holding and Tampa Bay got the ball back, where they scored and promptly won. Just one red-zone touchdown and the game would have been theirs.

Via Dwain Price of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the Cowboys wideout took the blame – which he should have – for not getting out of bounds and giving his team a chance to kick a game-winning field goal. The Cowboys have lost 15 of the past 16 games in which Romo was not available. It will be interesting to see if he can overcome the game 1 mistakes, and be that 1000 yard rusher that we know he can be.