DeAngelo Williams defends leaving 75-cent tip for waitress


After being forced to sit out a series, Steelers fans got some bad news about starting linebacker Ryan Shazier.

“Our policy is that a tip is not a guarantee, but is a courtesy, and that it usually reflects the (quality of the) service”, he said. “We were in the wrong”, he added.

Marcos said they understand and support Williams’ decision as well.

I had DeAngelo Williams come in and I waited on while tending bar. His check was $128.25. “He left me $129 with no tip but.75 cents”, the woman wrote, according to TMZ. After Christina posted a rant on Facebook, calling the running back “cheap as shit”, her employer took swift action.

Williams sounded off on his social media account Monday following the criticism. “I tried to leave nothing at all I couldn’t find change…” “I waited on my food for over 1.5 hours”. The server claimed Williams was at the restaurant for 45 minutes, which would make at least part of his story an embellishment, depending on which party you believe.

So, what was allegedly so bad? When she complained on Facebook, Williams went off.

Over dozens of Tweets, he described how the chicken and shrimp he ordered in his pasta came out on his salad. They took it back and removed it from salad and put it in my pasta leaving a shrimp tail in the salad.

Williams was later blasted on Twitter by one of the server’s coworkers, and he responded by explaining how disgusting the service was.

“I use to wait tables and use to be a bag boy so I know what I’m doing here”.