Dance coach charged with statutory rape, exposing minor to HIV

Dance teacher arrested for exposing student to HIV, police say

Police arrested a Memphis, Tennessee, dance coach last week on charges of having sex with a minor, and for knowingly exposing the teenaged boy to HIV, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

Police said John Conner, 27, had sex with a boy that he met on social media.

Conner is charged with statutory rape by an authority figure and criminal exposure to HIV.

Police said, the two met on several occasions and had unprotected sex in the suspect’s vehicle. Police said the pair had unprotected sex on multiple occasions in addition to exchanging texts messages that included nude photos. Conner allegedly did not tell the teen he has HIV.

Conner is known publicly as the “Dancerettes” coach on the Lifetime channel series “Bring It!”.

Police said he is due in court on Monday. The accused first learned he was HIV positive in 2012, his brother says.

He is in jail on a $100,000 bond.