Dallas Morning News Endorses Hillary Clinton

Clinton: He's a national security danger. Trump: No, she is

Speaking to reporters aboard her campaign plane, Clinton said she was responding to a statement Trump made to ABC News that people aren’t interested in his returns. “That means giving the Pentagon the stable, predictable funding it needs to make smart investments”, she said last week at the American Legion in Cincinnati.

“Can you imagine if I, or somebody else, did that?” “I don´t choke. She chokes”.

Clintons message was amplified by her running mate, Virginia Sen.

Another survey, by The Washington Post, looking at all 50 states shows Clinton with a solid lead in terms of electoral college votes, and even strength in some traditional Republican strongholds.

Hillary Clinton may be ahead in national polls, but her lead is shrinking. “And if we can get her elected and get a good majority to support her, I’m optimistic we can move some things”. “In this race, at this time, she deserves your vote”, they conclude. While they will appear separately and not be on stage at the same time, it could serve as a warm-up to their highly-anticipated first presidential debate on Sep. He has said Putin “is a leader, unlike what we have in this country”, believed Gadhafi was effective at killing terrorists and praised the young North Korean leader’s rise to power, saying, “It’s pretty incredible when you think of it”.

With Monday’s Labour Day holiday kicking off the final dash to Election Day, Mrs Clinton took pains to make herself more than available to reporters traveling with her, after almost nine months without holding a formal press conference. Polls are usually taken over two or three days by phone.

“His whole campaign has been one long insult to all those who have worn the uniform”, the Democratic nominee said at the University of South Florida in Tampa.

“He called the military a disaster”, Clinton said. “Illegal immigrants are treated better than veterans”. Those who trust Clinton on immigration overwhelmingly say the nation’s top immigration priority should be finding a way for those in the country illegally to stay (71 percent), while the Trump backers are more focused on stopping people from entering the country illegally (56 percent).

In his Wednesday speech, Trump plans to knock Clinton’s policies as adventurism that has resulted in death and destruction across the world and also regime crises, the campaign aide said on a conference call with reporters.

In a speech on national security, Donald Trump attacked his opponent, Hillary Clinton, several times, saying, “She’s trigger-happy and unstable” and “totally unfit to be our commander-in-chief”.

Trump’s campaign also on Tuesday released a letter signed by 88 former US military leaders who are supporting the NY businessman’s unorthodox candidacy.

“Because I think we need a breath of fresh air in politics”, said Trina Clark, Trump supporter. Before some 1,500 supporters in Tampa, she denounced him as a “demagogue” preying on Americans’ insecurities.

Trump blasted his rival’s record as secretary of state on foreign policy and national security, saying he will be guided by “diplomacy, not destruction”.