Clinton, Kaine slam Trump on national security

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton

There is precedent for presidential candidates to visit the former Ground Zero on the anniversary of the terror attacks.

Early voting, which includes mail-in ballots traditionally used by active-duty military, begins in many states this month.

While enthusiasm for the campaign has continued to inch up, it remains well off the mark compared with this point in other recent presidential election years.

Clinton, the Democrat, is campaigning in Florida in search of an advantage in the nation’s largest swing state.

Further, almost half of voters say they are less enthusiastic about voting in this election than they have been in previous years, while just 42 percent say they’re more excited about this year’s contest.

Hillary Clinton is unveiling a new ad appealing to military veterans, aiming to undercut Donald Trump’s message on defense. “That’s why you’re seeing a renewed interest by the candidates”. Together, Kaine said, the pair would make a president and vice president who are informed and well-versed in foreign policy.

Any immigrants who want full citizenship must return to their countries of origin and get in line, he told reporters – but he would not rule out a pathway to legal status for the millions living in the US illegally, as he did in a long-awaited policy speech last week. In 2008, Barack Obama and John McCain made a joint appearance at the site in NY.

The conflicting messages came as the candidates prepared to appear at an MSNBC forum Wednesday night on national security.

He said the release of Trump’s military endorsements earlier Tuesday underscores the qualifications of the people he’d listen to as president.

Featuring a mushroom cloud, it touts Trump’s hawkish remarks about war and nuclear weapons. “He says whatever he feels like at any given time because you can do that when you’re a TV star, but you can’t do that when you’re the president of the United States”.

The two major-party presidential nominees’ historic unpopularity, combined with inroads from third-party candidates, appear to have driven Clinton and Trump’s support percentage into the 30s, if not 20s, in many states. “But you can’t do that when you’re president of the United States”, Kaine said.

Tim Kaine on Tuesday launched a coordinated assault on Donald Trump, assailing the Republican’s positions on Iraq, Libya, the fight against the Islamic State, and other foreign policy issues from Europe to Central America.

She said that they “know they can count on me to be the kind of commander in chief who will protect our country and our troops”.

Trump spoke in an interview aired Tuesday on ABC’s “Good Morning America”. “As an example the single greatest asset I have, according to those that know me, is my temperament”.

During his discussion of military health care, Trump – who is polling poorly among women voters – said he would focus on “female veterans” who are getting “left behind” by the system.

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign is venturing onto Georgia airwaves, but if metro Atlanta residents blink they might miss it.

Boone said the Clinton campaign will likely continue the small-scale approach it took throughout August. In contrast, he talked up Clinton’s familiarity with world leaders gleaned from her time as a US senator and secretary of state.

“I’m not taking anybody, anywhere for granted”, Clinton told a crowd of more than 1,000 at a picnic in Cleveland.

She shrugged off calls for additional congressional inquiries into her email usage as nothing more than pandering to right-wing conspiracy theorists, suggesting that the FBI “resolved” all the questions into her email use during their investigation. “They keep coming back”.