Clinton at peak of unpopularity

Recent poll puts Trump 45-42 ahead of Clinton

According to the just-released Marquette University Law School poll, the gap between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is closing in Wisconsin with Clinton now just five percentage points ahead among registered voters in the state.

The latest weekly Rasmussen Reports White House Watch national telephone and online survey shows Trump with 40% support to Clinton’s 39% among Likely U.S. Voters, after Clinton led 42% to 38% a week ago. Clinton leads Trump with black voters by 68 points in the four-way ballot test, and by 19 points with Latino voters.

Rasmussen said that a one-point lead is statistically insignificant due to the poll’s 3 percentage point margin of error, but said the results highlighted the closeness of the race. More registered voters tend to believe Clinton has an advantage over Trump on a number of important characteristics.The survey shows a majority believe Clinton has the experience to be president and is better prepared to handle foreign policy issues.

Rasmussen Reports conducted its poll of 1,000 likely voters via online and telephone interviews from August 29 to August 30.

In the last week in August the Clinton camp spent three days in the Hamptons and the surrounding area with nine fundraisers that brought in over $21 million, CNN reported. Trump is running the same campaign that he ran during the Republican primary, so it is not a surprise that he has not picked up any new support with voters.

Clinton’s election in November would mean “geostrategic choices that will lead to world conflicts that threaten to be very heavy”, said Le Pen, who is herself vying for the French presidency next year.

That still marked a significant fall from the last iteration of the same poll earlier this month, where Clinton was enjoying a 10-point lead.

All polls, however, agree that for the moment at least, Clinton’s share of the vote is declining steeply and Trumps’s is beginning to rally.

The poll of 736 registered voters, conducted from August 25 to 29, has a sample error of 4.6 percent. Trump was at 63 percent negative and 34 percent positive.

White registered voters are in favor of Trump over the Democratic candidate by 13 points.

In Pennsylvania, Clinton’s favorable ratings tanked from 47 percent in July to 38 percent this week, as her unfavorable views increased from 49 percent to 54 percent in the same time period.

Donald Trump is gaining ground on Hillary Clinton in a new statewide Franklin Marshall College poll.