Can Your Phone Crash a Million Dollar Aeroplane?


Many of us have a thinking that if we talk or even use our mobile phone or any other electronic devices in an aeroplane, it may end up crashing the plane.

Well, today I am here explaining the exact reason why it is advised by the flight attenders to switch off your mobile phone or other devices which use network while take-off or landing.

So, let me start by saying that using your mobile phone or laptop while landing and take-off, won’t crash your plane, so throw this perception first.

Now, secondly, you should know that no any such case has been reported yet by aviation authority.

If you have traveled recently in flights, then you were aware of the announcement made for Samsung Note 7 users, as they were not allowed to charge or even use the phone in flights and reason was obviously well known.

However, there isn’t only one problem.

The airline officials afraid of mobile phones because they believe that it may affect avionic equipment in the cockpit, which is basically used for navigation purpose.

However, we must know with this that it is nearly impossible and no any case has been reported.

Some experts suggest that these rules were prepared decades ago and now the technology has become so advance that such condition simply can’t happen.

In a survey, it has been found that more than 30 percent of people don’t follow the instruction of attendants and leave their phone in switch off mode.

Now, if it was so dangerous keeping i.e. mobile phone switched on in flight then there would have hundreds of accident cases because of mobile phones.