Bradford tries to keep Philly trip ‘as normal as possible’

Vikings-Eagles Capsule

And that’s where the real difference may be for the Eagles on Sunday: How will their defense play against Bradford and the Vikings offense, who despite their 5-0 record are 30th in the National Football League in total yards, last in rushing yards (and yards per attempt), and is averaging less that two offensive TDs per game.

“My plan was for him to sit the whole year, you know?” The Vikings, due to their top ranked defense the re-emergence of Bradford, are the best team in football and show no signs of slowing down.

It’s very unlikely that Minnesota reach the Dallas game unbeaten, and if I had to put money on it I would say that they lose before the Arizona game as well. “When I got that phone call on Saturday morning, I did a little double take and I was like, ‘What?’” Bradford said on a conference call with Eagles reporters Wednesday afternoon. “Initially, I was a little shocked (the trade) was going to be a possibility because all along I had said Sam was my guy and Chase (Daniel) was two and Carson was three”. The Eagles rookie doesn’t want to get caught up in any quarterback comparison. I get that. I think we all understand that when we come up there. The Vikings, on the other hand, were coming off an 11-5 season in which they were a missed 27-yard field goal away from beating the Seahawks and advancing to the divisional round. “Yeah, I know what it’s going to be like, obviously, last year, being there”. While the Eagles may look back on Sunday later this season as a game that could’ve really helped them in a potential playoff push, it can also be viewed as another stepping stone for the guy the Eagles hope will be their franchise quarterback for years to come.

Bradford did show signs of improvement with the Eagles past year, perhaps not coincidentally the first time he finished a season since 2012. We have to do a better job as an offensive unit. “We’re setting records with penalties and stuff like that, that’s never good”, Wentz said. “I talked to Sam quite a bit and really wanted to dive deeper into this offense. I’m sure some people find that hard to believe”, Bradford said of his year and a half in Philadelphia.

Both Bradford and Shurmur played leadership roles in the organization last season. The games late in the season revealed a crisp, confident signal-caller, and those performances were pivotal in the Vikings’ decision to give up a first-round draft pick for Bradford after Teddy Bridgewater injured his left knee on August 30. He hasn’t played a defense like the Vikings, who play fast and sound.

Revamp the pie-in-the sky expectations emanating from a 3-0 start, including a one-sided affair against a Pittsburgh team poised for a Super Bowl run. “I felt like I had a really good spring”.

“They will bounce back”, Pederson said. He is eighth in passer rating (99.9) with seven touchdowns and one interception, but has made some more typical rookie mistakes while facing pressure during Philadelphia’s two-game losing streak against Detroit and Washington. At some point soon, Jason Peters will no longer be in the National Football League, and Lane Johnson will take his place at left tackle.

And seven days after that, Bradford started for the Vikings against the Packers and threw two touchdowns in a 17-14 Minnesota win in Minneapolis. I mean we’re 3-2. Zimmer said he only has spoken briefly to Bradford so far this week about the Eagles, and it was about their receivers.

“Shurmur, during his lengthy answer to Spielman”™s question, gave all the reasons why he thought Bradford could successfully make the transition.