Bob Dylan finally accepts the Nobel Prize, after more than 15 Days of Announcement


On 13th of October, Swedish Academy announced the name of the prize winner for Literature, Bob Dylan, but after around 17 days, it finally became clear whether he (Bob) would accept the award of refuse.

It has been reported that in a recent talk with The Telegraph, US, Bob revealed that “it is an honor having such award”.

He added that ‘he was in shock’ and ‘he was unable to believe’ that he has got this prestigious prize and that’s why he failed to establish a contact with the Academy.

“Getting such a prestigious prize is something we can say dreams come true”, he added.

Now, the Swedish Academy has also confirmed that Bob has finally talked to the academy and accepted the award.

Bob not only failed to establish contact with Academy but he also failed to give any official statement regarding the prize, which made an official frustrated and he branded him (Bob) as a rude and arrogant person.

However, there is still confusion on whether he will attend the Stockholms ceremony to receive honor or not.

But he made clear that he wants to broadcast his one song and short video addressing.

Talking about the history, Bob has become the first singer/songwriter to get such prestigious award as his songs have influenced people for more than five decades.

As per as records, only two people have refused to accept the Nobel Prize, one was Jean-Paul Sartre, who received the prize for Literature in 1964 and second was Le Duc Tho, who received the prize for Peace in 1973.