Blind Woman who predicted 9/11, has predicted Obama will be last US President


Baba Vanga, who is famously known as a fortune teller, who predicted 9/11 incident before it actually happened, has now predicted that Obama, who is the 44th president of US, would be the last president of united states.

Well, if it is true then this would surely be bad news for the Trump and his supporters.

Now the question here is, would the Trump be assassinated before taking charge of the office or there is something else which we are not understanding.

Well, we can’t say anything in this, only time will tell.

Apart from this prediction, here we have come up with few more prediction which Baba Vanga predicted.

About Obama – She had also predicted that 44th president of US would be an Afro-American and yes, it became truth.

About Twin Tower Attack – She had predicted back in 1989 that American would suffer a lot by two steel birds, which became true in 2001 when the twin tower of America brought down by two passenger airplanes.

About Climate Change – She had predicted in the 1950s that climate change would occur by saying that cold areas would become hot and volcanoes would be awake.

About Syria Muslim War – She had also predicted that a great Muslim war would happen in Syria and fellow countries.

About End of America’s Economy – She had predicted that till 2018, china would become superpower and America’s Economy would come to an end.

About Hunger Elimination – She has even predicted that till 2025-2028, hunger would be eliminated from the world.

About Islamic State Capital – She has predicted that by 2043, Rome would become Islamic State Capital.

About Attacking Rome – She has predicted that by 2066, USA would attack Rome to defeat the ISIS.