Bill Clinton: ‘Nothing More to Know’ About Hillary’s Health

Bill Clinton NC

Former President Bill Clinton told “CBS This Morning” anchor Charlie Rose that his wife, Hillary Clinton, gets dehydrated “frequently” before immediately correcting himself in an interview that aired on a variety of CBS platforms beginning Monday.

BILL CLINTON: Well, if it is then it’s a mystery to me and all of her doctors. Are the millions of Americans who simply want her to tell the truth deplorable? She just got dehydrated.

Video showed her collapsing as she walked to her auto, and her doctor released a statement later in the day saying the former Secretary of State had been battling pneumonia while on the campaign trail. But with the health of Hillary Clinton on so many voters’ minds, the difference between “frequently” and “rarely” is a mile wide, and maybe, just maybe, a few hundred thousand votes short. “She was even better last night before she went to sleep”. She had a good night’s sleep.

But he said there was “not a shot” she’d bee off the trail for a period of weeks while recovering.

Clinton herself said she “felt dizzy” and “lost her balance for a moment” but immediately felt better after she had some water. He denied rumors that his wife is suffering from a medical condition more serious than pneumonia.

Trump has said he’ll put out more information soon, likely on the Dr. Oz show. “Today Donald Trump has given them a voice against the offshoring of jobs and Clinton’s brand of Washington pay-to-play cronyism and backroom deals”, Crisafulli wrote, before adding one more jab at the end of the piece.

Rose also asked Clinton about his own health, expressing some concern.

“I could feel how hot and humid it was”. Staffers said the former president will take her place at Tuesday and Wednesday campaign events as she continues to recover.