Best zingers from the first debate

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In some of the more heated moments of the debate, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton says ‘at least I have a plan’ for defeating Islamic State. Republican nominee Donald Trump says ‘Why not?’ blame Clinton for everything that’s happened.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton battle it out on stage. Picture: Rick T. Wilking/Pool via AP.

AFTER months of trading barbs in the media, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump finally went head to head in the first US Presidential debate.

The pair attacked each other over foreign policy, the economy and jobs and also traversed old battles, indulging President Obama’s birth certificate, support for the Iraq war, Clinton’s emails and Trump’s treatment of women.

Clinton appeared to have a more measured approach throughout the debate while Trump was quick to fire up and take aim at the Secretary of State.

Mr Trump was the first to raise his voice, at one stage yelling “wrong, wrong, wrong”.

From killer blows to witty jabs here are the best quotes.