Apple iPhone 7 UK Release Date And Price Confirmed

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At Apple’s highly anticipated event unveiling the upcoming iPhone 7, one product update in particular sparked a lot of conversation and near controversy. The two big additions to the watch are a so-called “swim-proof” casing, and a built-in Global Positioning System chip. Consumers may also buy Bluetooth wireless headphones for the product.

Here’s Apple’s official iPhone 7 event recap.

Other than some new colors, the new iPhones will look similar to the models Apple has been selling since 2014. Other changes include water resistance, new colours – silver, gold, and rose gold are joined by black and jet black (which really needs a case because it scratches easily) – and larger storage options, starting at 32 gigabytes and going as high as 256 gigabytes. The future of Apple’s headphones is decidedly wireless, Apple executive Phil Schiller said during the company’s presentation Wednesday.

While Apple has touted total iPhone sales of one billion, the number sold in the quarter ending June 25 fell 15 percent from a year earlier, highlighting concerns over growth for the key profit driver.

As the resident Apple geek, I made a decision to watch the Apple Event and provide some key points on the new products CEO Tim Cook displayed for the world today. Apple will also allow developers so you can ask her to do different tasks like booking a ride home. iOs 10 will also allow people to copy images from the iPhone and paste it to your Mac.

Gloria Showell, also of Atlantic City, said after leaving the Apple store that she’s personally not insane about headphone wires themselves.

With the iPhone 7, Apple has finally given what fans and critics have been clamoring for: the death of the 16 GB model and the birth of a 256 GB offer.

Except – oops! – CEO Tim Cook had yet to announce the new version of the smartphone. The dongle is expected to be included with the purchase of the iPhone 7. It will be available as a free download beginning September 13. To do that, Apple had to develop a new speaker that was able to cast out the water using vibrations once its wearer had done swimming. Niantic Labs, the maker of the cultural sensation Pokemon Go, announced Tuesday that the game will be released for the watch, building upon the apps that it already has designed for the iPhone and Android devices. The shares are stuck slightly below their value a year ago when the last iPhone came out.