American Horror Story Season 6 Setting Involves A Roanoke Nightmare

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Cuba Gooding Jr., who starred along with Paulson in AHS creator Ryan Murphy’s The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story, also joins as her husband, Matt (played by Andre Holland in the interviews), in the reenactments. For the first time in two seasons, I find myself craving to find out what happens next.

Speaking of Twilight Zone, Gooding Jr. said that in American Horror Story season 6 his character is set to go off in one way or another. They spend their life savings buying a repossessed farm house at auction, which doesn’t appear to sit well with the racist hillbilly locals they bid against.

Unusual things occur at the house, such as a hailstorm of human teeth when Matt leaves on a business trip.

As for their obsession with teeth, that might have something to do with the mysterious colony’s practice of human sacrifice. The unhelpful local police assume that the woman is just being hysterical (they found no footprints or fingerprints), and even Matt isn’t sure what to believe until he finds a dead pig on their doorstep, presumably left as some sort of threatening message.

Lee is a former police officer. A hundred miles away, Matt helplessly watches the security footage via an app on his phone. Lee heads down to investigate the weird development, with Shelby in tow. They stay in the basement when they hear lots of frightening noises upstairs.

After the happy couple moves into the house, they start to experience unexplained phenomenon.

Trading in their typical ghosts, witches and vampires for something more real, this new season pulls from our own history.

Gaga confirmed her return to “AHS” on Twitter, but given her name was not in the first credits, I think her role won’t be as significant as her debut on the show in season five. Shelby has had the most freaky experiences without any witnesses – raining teeth, a ghost sighting, and that whole almost drowning thing – and while we believe her because we’re seeing it play out via “Shelby”, there’s no proof that it’s real.

Shelby may have given up her baby to save Matt.

In true horror-movie fashion, she gets lost in the dark forest and stopped by multiple people holding torches. Are we going to get plot-twisted and find that what we’ve been manipulated to accept as the reality that these characters are presenting to us in their “reality” show is actually false? As she gets her first clear look at them, they appear to be dressed in old-timey Colonial garb.

The episode seemed a little slow at times, focusing on building the story rather than going overboard with the “horror” aspect of the series. “Roanoke” refers to the lost colony, a story that has made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up since my fourth grade teacher told us about the settlers in North Carolina who disappeared without a trace.

Now, I do have reservations about this story, and this format, taking up the entire season.

“American Horror Story” airs Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET on FX. It dials the over-the-top outrageousness and campiness way down to focus on old-fashioned scares and suspense. True enough, it seems as if the series will be using this real-life event as a backdrop for AHS Season 6, following TMZ-leaked photos of the set showing a tree with the carved “Croatoan” on it.

This being “American Horror Story”, the show wears its influences on its sleeve.