After instructional league, Mets will play it by ear with Tim Tebow

Report: Mets To Sign Tim Tebow To Minor League Contract

Besides winning the Heisman Trophy, Tebow went on to win two national championships.

Tebow said he is willing to play whatever position the Mets want him at.

Former Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow has landed a baseball contract, signing a deal Thursday to play for a minor league team owned by the New York Mets.

Tebow is set to report to the organization’s Instructional League in Port St. Lucie on September 18, and train in Florida for three weeks before the team decides whether to send him to the Arizona Fall League, a winter league or get the former Florida quarterback personal tutoring in preparation for spring training, according to Blum.

So he’s a pro baseball player.

The Florida instructional league typically lives in obscurity every year.

Mets general manager Sandy Alderson said he will consult with Tebow about what to do after that. “Perception is something different”.

Come on, just a month ago when Alderson was asked whether the Mets would ever consider signing Tebow, he responded by saying: “Are you insinuating we need a Hail Mary at this point?”

Tebow essentially held a private audition for Major League Baseball scouts at the end of August. “This was not something that was driven by marketing considerations or anything of the sort”. “We’re mindful of the fact that Tim is starting this endeavor at age 29, and there’s a certain amount of realism we have to accept”. And so we are thrown once again through the portal to the Tebow vortex, a singular confluence where physical ability, athletic opportunity and social commentary swirl together.

I expect Tim Tebow to go to Port St. Lucie in a couple weeks, play this winter, go to Spring Training in 2017, and then play in the minors next season.

Tebow spent the 2013 preseason with the Patriots and 2015 preseason with the Eagles.

“I mean, I believe Tim’s got a big heart, he’s a good person”, said Decker, who teamed with Tebow in Denver in 2010-11. That is until the media sees him put on a jersey, take a few swings in batting practice and either looks the part of Roy Hobbs or looks more like a fish out of water. As my son, a 25-year-old former Division I track athlete, summed it up to me Thursday, “If someone was willing to pay you to keep playing sports, wouldn’t you do it?” “He has demonstrated through his success, determination, personality and competitiveness that I think all of us in the organization, particularly young players, can benefit from seeing first hand”.

But even if it’s hard to doubt why Tebow says he is doing this – returning to the game he loves for one last chance at athletic glory, allowing himself to go forward in life unburdened by the weight of what-if – it is just as fair to doubt the wisdom of his choice.

Alderson cited pitcher Seth Lugo, a 34th-round draft pick, and infielder T.J. Rivera, who wasn’t drafted, as examples of long shots who reached the major leagues with the Mets. “We understand most players don’t make it to the major leagues”.