Adobe Fix, Sketch and Comp CC are launched for Android


If you are an iOS user, you are familiar with these apps as they are already available for the iOS but on Wednesday, company has launched all three apps for Android platform as well.

Not only this, the iOS versions of these three apps have also ‘updates’, which as per as company improves their features and make them more smooth.

Now for Android users, Adobe Sketch is simple a drawing app, which allows a user to draw anything using tools like pencil, pen, ink brush etc.

Users can draw anything in layers and then import their artwork in Photoshop CC.

The second app, Adobe Fix, which basically aims to edit or give retouch to an image.

The app allows users to make their image more attractive by adding filters and several other kinds of stuff.

Now the third and the last app, Adobe Comp CC, is basically wireframe app that helps users to bring something new from the image using its layouts.

Comp CC also works with shapes, texts, and fonts, which eventually can be transferred to Photoshop CC.

Additionally, Adobe has also released updates for Photoshop Mix and Illustrator, which means android users can now update their apps to version 2.3 and version 3.0 respectively.

Well, adding happiness to the iOS users, almost all the apps have got updates with lots of additional features as well as huge bug fixes.

Not only this, after Microsoft’s Revamped app, Adobe announced Project Felix, which is nothing but a software which will help developers to develop 3D designs.