A New Game Allows You To Live Out Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar Woes

It’s also appropriately physically demanding, as you must alternately mash G and H on your keyboard to run across the red carpet as you chase an unobtainable Oscar, jump paparazzi, and race other actors for the Academy’s honor.

Comedy is always hard to deliver in a video game, but Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage nails it. Definitely check it out right here when you’ve got some time.

Can you help Leo get the Oscar?

Have you been pulling for Leonardo DiCaprio to win an Oscar for his performance in The Revenant?

The side-scroller from Line Animation – designed by Max van der Merwe, Bjorn-Erik Aschim and Sam Taylor – sees you running along, jumping to dodge the obstacles in your path. He acted so darn hard. If only you can avoid getting bumped by Lady Gaga. There’s even an opportunity to recreate The Wolf of Wall Street’s infamous quaalude scene. These actors all appear as the characters they play in the films for which they are nominated, and nothing is better than watching an 8-bit astronaut and Steve Jobs sprinting toward victory. Do you maybe wish you could help Leo out a little?

Better than just twiddling your thumbs until the Academy Awards finally take place 28 February.

If things don’t go as expected, at least Leo can peacefully bask in the knowledge that fans have been rooting for him to come out victorious.

Leonardo Di Caprio and Irmelin Indenbirken